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About Us

Levo is a family run business which started operating in 1990 run by Joe and Angela Vella. The activity started as a home run business and expanded rapidly supplying various clients in industry, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, educational, university, private schools, state schools and private hospitals and clinics. We are now situated in a new, custom built office/warehouse building in a centrally located industrial estate. in a centrally located industrial estate. The total staff is now made up of Joe/Adrian/ Marc and Matthew who are all graduates in, chemistry/ biology; chemistry/physics; engineering /software; pharmacy/Medical respectively Angela Vella who takes care of administration is a qualified SRN. Four other members of staff take care of stores and logistics. We moved into our new offices four years ago and the business was switched to a private company status.  The business is focused on stocking and supplying laboratory reagents, glassware, plastic-ware, medical disposables, Personal Protection
water testing equipment, laboratory equipment industrial chemicals and educational equipment such as microscopes, slide sets, models, charts, Data Loggers etc. We are always studying the market continuously seeking to expand our activity in the major growth areas in activity in the major growth areas in our country.

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