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Data Loggers

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EasySense VISION completely replaces the standard PC & Logger or Interface combination - a huge cost saving! (it can still be used as both a remote data logger and with a PC when required). 

Standalone - without a PC!  

VISION offers many new and exciting features including a full colour high resolution LCD touch screen. The graphing and analysis tools, normally only found on the PC are now built-in. VISION can even print out the graph (to most HP PCL Printer) VISION is truly a stand-alone data logger and analysis tool.
VISION has a large user memory for storing data files. Captured data can be transferred to a PC either by direct USB connection, or via a Pen Drive (Flash memory stick).
Tip. At the end of a lesson students can save their data to a pen drive and transfer it back to a school PC or take it home to analyse and write reports on their own PC.

With a Projector

Simply plug VISION into a Projector (or monitor) and it automatically switches from the built-in LCD to the connected display. This is absolutely essential in a classroom setting, required whenever you need to:

  • Present a teacher led demonstration to a class of students

  • Introduce an experiment to the class

  • Share captured data from one group with the whole class

  • Provide training on how to use VISION

Please note. When using VISION connected to a display, we recommend the use of a Mouse (USB, Wired or Wireless)

With a PC

Connect VISION to a PC, and you can:

  • Use VISION as an interface, control VISION from the PC. Great for whole class demonstrations

  • Data captured on VISION can be transferred to the PC and opened directly into PC EasySense software.

  • Workroom setup files can be transferred to & from VISION.

  • Use Windows Explorer to manage VISION’s storage area - Delete, Copy, Rename etc

VISION to PC connection is simple and straight forward:

  • Connect VISION to the PC using the supplied USB cable.

  • VISION will appear as a removable storage device on the PC (No special drivers required).

  • Use Windows Explorer to drag and drop files between your PC and Vision

Video Tutorials from DataHarvest thanks to you tube. 

Data Harvest EasySense VISION Data Logger for Schools - Overview

Data Harvest EasySense VISION Data Logger

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