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Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Multipurpose Cleans and sanitizes in one operation

Effective Kills a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, viruses like coronaviridae, spores and fungi

Not corrosive When used in the recommended dilutions the solution does not damage surfaces

Many applications Suitable for a wide range of industries including food preparation, hospitals and institutional


APPLICATIONS: Biotect AV is particularly suitable for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, floors, tools, utensils, in the institutional, food and hospital sectors.


Supplied in a 5 Litre Drum. Other volumes on request

Biotect AV

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  • METHOD OF USE: Dilute the product in water as below:

    Light soiling: 0.5 - 1.0%.  5ml made up to 1 Litre of Water

    Heavy soiling: 2 - 4%. Leave on for 5 minutes or more depending on the degree of soiling. Rinse with water. If applied by spraying, dry the excess product with a clean cloth and allow the dilution to evaporate.

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