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Reusable Face Masks for personal protection, for personal use, which are machine washable and therefore, reusable. This means, that these masks give basic protection and can be sterilized at home for re-use up to a minimum of 10 washes.  


We have received confirmation by the local Medicines Authority and by the Health Department that the masks are a ‘Cloth Mask’ intended to prevent intercommunity spreading of the virus. These are intended for the general public and private companies participating in social distancing measures. Face masks are neither medical nor surgical masks, which are being used in the hospitals. Test results performed in a controlled environment supplied. 


The construction of these masks consists of:  


o        Front and Back Layer of Cotton Poly Material, and  

o        Middle Filtration layer of washable non-woven Material   


Sold each in resealable plastic bag


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Cloth Reusable Face Masks - Surgical Type SCM

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