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Powerful but safe all in one Sanitiser for surfaces, utensils, floors


Concentrated can be diluted up to 1 in 100 ( 1 litre of product in 100 litres of water)


Will eliminate all organisms in 5 minutes

Registered as a Medical Device for use in Clinics, Pharmacies, factories, Food processing areas, Supermarkets


Safe for use in food processing areas with little to no residue left behind


Also available in 25 litre drums


Known to kill the following:


Pulisce e disinfetta con un’unica e semplice operazione. Efficace battericida attivo su vasta gamma di microrganismi patogeni.

ZEP DK SAN è efficace nei confronti di microrganismi quali:

• Salmonella cholera suis

• Salmonella typhosa

• Escherichia coli

• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

• Micrococcus piogene

• Staphilococcus aureus

• Legionella pneumophila

Highly effective at killing encapsulated Viruses such as the Coronaviruses


Download Data Sheet here

DK SAN - Floor and Surface Disinfectant

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