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FS Z-CHLOR™ Heavy-Duty Chlorinated Detergent



• Heavy-duty cleaner

• Removes heavy accumulations of grease, protein, blood, and stains, and also deodorizes.

• Chlorinated

• To aid in the removal of protein, blood, and stains, as well as deodorizing. • Hard-water tolerant

• Performance and rinsability are unaffected by water hardness. Rinses freely and leaves no scum or film on surfaces.

• Compatible with foamers

• Designed for use with Zep Foam-Sta or comparable foam boosters to generate a thick, stable, highly-active, long-lasting foam that cleans with a minimum of scrubbing.

• Non-foaming

• Generates no foam of its own, so it is ideal for C.I.P. and circulation cleaning, spray cleaning of tanks, machine washing, and other procedures requiring foam-free detergents.

• Color-coded

• Product and labeling are color-coded yellow (chlorinated cleaner) for easy use with other color-coded Zep food systems products.

• U.S.D.A. authorized

• Authorized for use as an all surface cleaner for all departments of federally-inspected food processing plants. (Category A) D


Available in 5 Litres. Other pack sizes also available.


Download full spec sheet here

FS Z-Chlor

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