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nitrylex classic textured are nitrile powder-free gloves NEW in MERCATOR’s range.

These gloves will be perfect for activities such as:

  • general diagnostic and medical applications,
  • nursing care,
  • washing and disinfection procedures,
  • feeding the patient,
  • cleaning,
  • lab work.
  • Employees of the beauty, dental and veterinary services sectors.
  • beauty salons and tattoo salons,
  • HoReCa industry,
  • cleanup work,
  • contact with selected chemicals and household chemicals,
  • gardening, food processing, confectionery, DIY, painting walls/objects.

The visible texture facilitates work in wet and damp environments, making the gloves perfect for housework, cleaning, painting, etc.

Our gloves are a class I medical device and a category III, type B personal protective equipment.

The MERCATOR nitrylex classic textured nitrile gloves are available in classic blue colour.

The MERCATOR nitrylex classic textured gloves are approved for contact with food and are free from harmful phthalates, which minimises the risk of irritation and allergy.

These gloves provide barrier against viruses, bacteria and fungi confirmed by rigorous tests.

Nitrile Gloves Powder Free - PK100

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