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Dependaplast Multisoft Plasters


Soft, highly flexible.
Thinner, lighter, more conformable that regular fabric.
Perfect for children or the elderly.
Acrylic, low allergy adhesive.

The latest non-woven polyester fabrics are used in Multisoft to provide a soft, highly flexible dressing that is thinner, lighter and more conformable that regular fabric plasters.  This product is ideal for activities that require high levels of dexterity, like sewing or PCB assembly.  Multisoft uses high-tech acrylic adhesives to provide a really secure fixing, that is skin friendly and low allergy.  Multisoft is tough, yet gentle, making it the correct solution for delicate skin, and perfect for children or the elderly.

526 Dependaplast Multisoft Plasters

Tax Included
  • 30 4cm x 4cm
    30 7cm x 2cm
    30 7.5cm x 2.5cm
    10 7.5cm x 5cm

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